Incoming and Weekend of Taste in Vico Equense

From 3 to 4 December 2023
Incoming and Weekend of Taste in Vico Equense

The Neapolitan stage of Lost EU’s journey ended in early December in the home of Provolone del Monaco PDO, where two events took place:

  • the second stage of Incoming of foreign operators from Sweden and Germany;
  • the fourth Weekend of Taste dedicated to discover of all the PDOs of LoST EU.

During the incoming event, the participants, some of whom were top-level foreign professionals, were enchanted by the charm of the Lattari Mountains and the Sorrento Peninsula, the natural settings in which the cheese that tells the story of the cheesemakers of the Neapolitan province was born.

On the same weekend, guests participated in the LoST EU cheese tasting: a tasting of all the PDOs from the project’s basket.